Jessica Reeder

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m a literary editor and ghostwriter specializing in nonfiction biography. My favorite projects are developmental editing and author coaching, but you can talk to me about almost any type of book project.

I also write for VICE/Creators about artists, so send me cool art too.

One day, I’ll be working with incredibly interesting creative professionals to write their books. My other project, J. H. Fearless, is getting closer and closer to that vision every day.

I Lived This

I Lived This: a workbook for writing your life story was published in February 2017. It’s a collaboration with my dearĀ friend Chaostina (who did the beautiful illustrations) and was created with our own parents in mind.

Buy it on Amazon: I Lived This: a workbook for writing your life story.

Get more detail: download this PDF one-sheet.

Read more about it: Mother’s Day gift press release.

Peek inside with these selected pages:

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